Starting Over


I once read somewhere–most likely in Stephen King’s On Writing–that if you get stuck, the problem is probably at the beginning. And boy did I get stuck…

I was having a timeline problem, and I knew I needed to start over and push everything back. So I did. And for a while, I thought that it was working. Then I realized I’d written myself into an entirely different corner. 


We’ve all been there, right? (Seriously, tell me it isn’t just me…)

Once again I went back to avoiding the problem, and working on writing other things that were coming a bit more easily. But this weekend my boyfriend asked me about the romance and how it was going. For the first time I put the problem I was having into words and admitted that I just might have to start over again.

Now I’m trying to decide whether I should start completely over, or just go back to the original version and rework it a bit.

Let’s just hope I can get it together enough to make some progress, on the book and this blog! In the meantime, here are some other articles with tips for overcoming writer’s block:


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