Chapter 1: Take 2

tu_fcrukljq-renata-tupynambaAs I mentioned in my last post (which was way too long ago), I started over. I had a timeline problem. I got a bit over zealous trying to correct that problem and created a few more for myself. So I’ve already decided to scrap this new version, but in the interest of transparency, I figured I’d share it anyway.

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Procrastination: What Happens Next?

Emilie Ogez, Flickr Creative Commons

Emilie Ogez, Flickr Creative Commons

I’ve hit a wall. I find myself going over what I’ve written–endlessly adding and subtracting–to avoid figuring out what happens next. Occasionally I eek out a few new paragraphs…but mostly, I procrastinate. I even came up with an idea for a totally different book, and have been forcing myself not to just move on to a new project.

I’m at that point where I’ve established the love interest, set up a roadblock, and now I’m figuring out how to keep it going for 40,000 more words. Part of the problem is that I instinctively hate when I feel like a story is being dragged out. When I watch old school sitcoms where a problem could be solved if the people on the show would just talk to each other, I bristle. I sigh. I turn the channel.

So how do I move the story along, keep up conflict, and not hate myself in the morning?

If I knew the answer, I wouldn’t be writing this post.

Let’s Talk About Publishing


Flickr Creative Common, mediamolecule

I write a lot about the business of digital publishing for my day job. With some regularity, I find myself writing about the wonderful world of self-publishing and railing against the gatekeepers–otherwise known as editors and publishers. But the non-work me still wants an editor to say, “Yes, this is good. I will take it to my boss, fight for it, and put my company’s massive resources behind publishing and marketing it.” More importantly, I kind of want to walk into a store and find my book on a shelf. Continue reading

Chapter 1: I Want Your Feedback

Kenneth Garcia, Flickr Creative Commons

Kenneth Garcia, Flickr Creative Commons

Part of this project is about getting feedback from you, the reader. This is a learning process after all. I want to hear from the experts–the readers–about what they like and don’t like. How is the pacing? Are the characters likable? So here it is: Chapter 1.

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